Ukee on the web

This page is an ongoing collection of websites I’ve unearthed with fun, interesting or educational content about Ucluelet.  Please feel free to use the comments to post any ukee-links you happen to find.  This is becoming an obsessive collection.

Pacific Rim Arts Society: Excellent links to amazing local artists.  I mean *really* amazing.  The best artists in the world end up in B.C.  Check ’em out.

Orcas in the Harbour, Feb 14th 2009 

This video was shot just down the road from where we’re living right now.  We’d heard about this when we visited last summer, and here it is on video!  The transient orca pod swam into the Ukee harbour and ate one of the California sea lions – this video is after their meal.  You can see they’re feeling pretty good about themselves.

Jamie’s Whaling Station!

Jamie’s Whaling Station is one of the many stellar wildlife touring groups in the region.  I just found their promotional video which I’ll post here: This video tells better than words why Kat & I moved across the country.  Enjoy.

The Westcoaster:

(Not a day goes by that I don’t check this site.)

Ucluelet First Nation:

Friends of Clayoquot Sound:

The work these folks do makes a real difference to preserve and protect this unique part of the world.

Long Beach Radio Blog:

Well this is technically Tofino and not Ukee, but their music is just so damned awesome.  We start and end every day listening to Long Beach Radio – it’s the best!

Ucluelet Aquarium:

(This aquarium is run on a mostly volunteer basis.  Every spring the collection begins, and contributions are provided by the students in the Bamfield Marine Sciences Center , local residents, fisher-folk and neighbourhood children.  Every fall, the aquarium residents are returned to the ocean.)

Ukee Tattler

(Ucluelet life without the rose-tinted glasses.  This now-possibly-defunct blog has probably given me the most realistic expectations of what life on the edge will be like.)

Friends’ Blog, Stacey & Dan

More people livin’ large in small town Ucluelet:

Knits By the Sea Blog

Our friend Ellie opened a yarn shop in Tofino – a delightful collection of luxury and locally grown/spun/dyed yarns.  Knits by the Sea is pretty well the crux of our social circle!  Follow her on facebook and twitter to keep an eye on classes, retreats and new yarn as it arrives.

The Lighthouse Webcam:

Cougar Annie:

(One woman and a shotgun – a local legend)



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