Posted by: Kiersten | May 14, 2011

Oh yeah, we have coffee!

Woo hoo people! Stellar Coffee is officially in business and selling coffee. Free delivery in Ucluelet & Tofino, so if you’d like to be among the first to taste our coffee, check out our website:

Or drop us an email:

You’ll be able to buy our coffee through our website by next week. If you just can’t wait until then, drop us an email and we’ll get some to you. We’ll post locations where you can purchase bags of coffee as our retailers rack them out.

Our thanks to our first official taste-testers. All rave reviews, particularly for our espresso & Medium roast Honduras.

YES! We do ship to the United States.

Wow! What a trip this has been; almost two years since Kat & I decided to move to Ucluelet and start a coffee roastery.

We’re here. Finally, we have arrived!

Posted by: Kiersten | May 13, 2011

Line Up

So many boats outside our door today:


Maybe they’re lining up for coffee – ha haa!

Got buzzed by an eagle:


Oh there he goes!


Posted by: Kiersten | April 15, 2011


Last weekend, we drove up to Salmon Beach to go whale watching.

They were there!

It’s pretty tough to get pictures of them from the shore, so we just relaxed and watched the ocean:


The grey whales were feeding within 20 feet of the rocky shore. Since we’d arrived at low tide, we were able to get right out to the drop off. Once, a whale surfaced right beside us – we could count the barnacles of her back.

Between whale sightings, we watched the canvasback ducks and surf scoters dive and bob around in the waves.


Then, we went beach combing for abalone, top snail shells and live oysters.


It was a great day.

Posted by: Kiersten | April 14, 2011


Yes Sir, we have a chimney!

Here is the stupid roof bracket! I mean, the AMAZING roof bracket that wasn’t at all worrisome or a pain:

Here is our beautiful chimney and our wonderful friend and neighbour in the snazzy hat who came between fishing boat arrivals to help us raise our chimney.  Old fashioned barn raisings came to mind.  Kat & I did not raise this chimney – our amazing friends, family and community made it happen.

Superman Dan, with his safety gear ready to scrabble around on the roof top and screw the chimney to the bracket:

She’s up!  Of course, we had to take her back down again because we forgot to put the cap on the top of the chimney.  By the second chimney raising, we were pretty good at it.

Ha ha ha haa!

Many lewd jokes were tossed around during this chimney raisin’.  Yes, we can all rise to an immature occasion.

Still, it’s up.  Our chimney is up.  Hallelujah!

In other news, we had thirty bald eagles outside our house yesterday.  And one golden eagle.  I didn’t actually see the golden eagle, Dan saw it – but it was apparently significantly larger than any of the bald eagles, and was chased off by half a dozen bald eagles when it got too close to the best fish plant.

And guess who else is back?  The bears.  I found bear poop in the lot next door this evening.  Apparently, the wolves have wreaked havoc upon the bears this winter, digging them out of their dens as they hibernated and slaughtering them – 4 in 10 bears in our mountains were taken by wolves this winter.

We can hear the wolves howling across the harbour every night now, often at midnight.  They set the sea lions off.  It’s funny, I’m so used to the sea lions I can sleep through their roaring even when it shakes the house – but the far-off ,eerie, high-pitched cry of the wolf pack will jerk me from the soundest slumber.  Their calls rise and carry, lilting, harmonizing, falling away.  I understand now why wolves have historically been so feared.  Their howls seem to say “We’re coming!”

Posted by: Kiersten | April 4, 2011

The ocean peels back

I’m enjoying our second year in Ukee. Last year everything was new and novel, but this year it’s familiar. Changes are welcome returns rather than surprises.

The most dramatic thing that happens to the beaches in spring are the crazy-low tides.


We see almost double the beach at low tide this time of year.


Can you see Kat in her black coat way out on the rocks?

The eagles’ chicks are back. I know them by their behaviour. They’re more aggressive, and more curious than their parents. Here, we have the unsettling feeling this one is eyeing us up:


The eagles aren’t the only birds getting worked up; I was buzzed by a rufous hummingbird yesterday.

Look out Ukee, Spring is well and truly here! (Now where is that sunshine???)

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