About Us

This is a blog by two women who fled their urban lives in Toronto, ON, to pursue life on the edge in the tiny fishing village of Ucluelet on Vancouver Island, BC.

Ukeekat:  An introverted, artistic, sexy genius who can start a campfire with wet cedar wood.

Ukeedog: An outspoken, pseudo-survivalist and former accountant who looks forward to learning how to gut a fish.

Will their coffee business take off?  Will they find a place to live?  Will Kat remain vegetarian in the land of succulent seafood?  Only this blog will tell!



  1. I’m so glad that things are working out for you two. Exciting stuff!

    • We’re getting there 🙂

  2. Well, you settled in an incredibly beautiful place. My husband and I lived on Vancouver Island most of our lives, and only recent fled the ‘city’ of Nanaimo to live our dreams of homesteading in Prince Edward Island! (we could afford 25 acres here, back home – not a chance)
    I used to commercially fish out of Bamfield – and often caught the Lady Rose to Bamfield. The beauty of the west coast of the island is like no other.
    Here’s to your success and happiness!

    • Oh my goodness – a homesteader! That’s fantastic 🙂 Will you grow some red potatoes? I’ll check out your blog shortly…

      Did you hear that the Lady Rose has just been sold to Jamie of Jamie’s Whaling Station? She’s going to sail out of Port Alberni for the last time and will be docked in Tofino where she’ll be restored and converted to a restaurant.

  3. By the way, I’m dying to know whether Ukeekat is still a vegetarian! Takes one to know one…

    • Kat’s been eating fish since last Christmas. It made more sense to her to eat the protein our immediate environment provided (and was provided free to us by all our fishermen neighbours) than to purchase expensive soy and nut products that had to be trucked in over the mountains, and were priced accordingly. Even cheese is pricey here, and there are only so many lentils and beans you can eat. Besides, fish cooks so well over a campfire on the beach.

      She also follows a pretty incredible weight lifting program, and she needs a diet to support the building and repair of muscle tissue. In toronto, she used an awesome protein powder, but it’s $75 and we have to drive 4 hours to get it (so add another $20 for gas).

      We both still eat vegetarian most of the time.

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