Posted by: Kiersten | January 1, 2013

The very last post.

Well beautiful people, it’s been a year and a half since the last post on this blog.  In that time, Kat & I have launched a business, worked our tails off, experienced success, failure and every grey area in between.  After three years of devoting all our creative energy to our business, we closed our doors in the Spring of 2012.

The latter half of 2012 was spent mostly in rest and recovery.  So many amazing things came from this project, and both Kat & I are very grateful for the experience.  We will forever be grateful to the wonderful family and friends who supported us in starting the business, running it, and shutting it down.  There is a special kind of love and gratitude you feel for people who support you in the project in which you’re investing everything.

What we take from all of this is really too much to summarize.  Yes, we’re still living here on the rugged west coast of Vancouver Island.  We’ve moved to Tofino, we have jobs we enjoy, we feel blessed every single day.  For all the excitement, joy, frustration and heartbreak of starting and running a business, we learned so much.  We’re grateful for the opportunity and the experiences.

I wanted to take a moment to write this final little blog post.  It started in 2009 with a dream, an aspiration and a whole lot of enthusiasm.  It wasn’t easy, but it got us to where we are now.


And for me, it was worth it.

Happy New Year, everyone.

kat & me under a tree


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