Posted by: Kiersten | June 15, 2011

The End… Or is it?

With all endings come new beginnings. I’ve been wondering whether it’s time to put this blog to rest… for now.

Thatsthelife was about cashing in all our chips to move across the country from Toronto to Ucluelet. It was about the excitement and challenge of starting over, the cultural differences between big city TO and small town Ukee, the uphill journey of starting our own business.

And here we are. Our business license is still in it’s envelope, waiting for a frame. We’re putting all of our energy into the roastery. There is no time for blogging.

Not just now.

Our story continues. When things settle down, I’ll catch you up.

Thank you for reading, commenting and emailing. Next time you’re in Ucluelet, look us up.



  1. I have enjoyed participating in your quest to start a new beginning in Ucluelet. You are on the threshold of an exciting new life propelled by the demands of running a new business venture. I wish you both ” all the best ” and must add that I will miss being able to check in through your blog on this ever changing adventure.

  2. I cannot remember how I found the blog now, but it has become one I read regularly. I do plan to visit Ukee in the future and will leave with a load of coffee! Good luck to you both and post now and then if you have time. It is wonderful to see people follow their dreams and make them come true. : )

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