Posted by: Kiersten | May 14, 2011

Oh yeah, we have coffee!

Woo hoo people! Stellar Coffee is officially in business and selling coffee. Free delivery in Ucluelet & Tofino, so if you’d like to be among the first to taste our coffee, check out our website:

Or drop us an email:

You’ll be able to buy our coffee through our website by next week. If you just can’t wait until then, drop us an email and we’ll get some to you. We’ll post locations where you can purchase bags of coffee as our retailers rack them out.

Our thanks to our first official taste-testers. All rave reviews, particularly for our espresso & Medium roast Honduras.

YES! We do ship to the United States.

Wow! What a trip this has been; almost two years since Kat & I decided to move to Ucluelet and start a coffee roastery.

We’re here. Finally, we have arrived!



  1. Congratulations!
    It’s been a long road for you two, but yes, you HAVE arrived!
    Wishing you good fortune in the days/months/years ahead!

  2. Congratulations to you both. Your perseverance has paid off and we wish you all the best as you move forward.

  3. Congratulations on enduring the extended birth of your new venture!!! Looking forward to seeing the warehouse roastery in person. Cannot wait for my first cup of coffee.

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