Posted by: Kiersten | April 15, 2011


Last weekend, we drove up to Salmon Beach to go whale watching.

They were there!

It’s pretty tough to get pictures of them from the shore, so we just relaxed and watched the ocean:


The grey whales were feeding within 20 feet of the rocky shore. Since we’d arrived at low tide, we were able to get right out to the drop off. Once, a whale surfaced right beside us – we could count the barnacles of her back.

Between whale sightings, we watched the canvasback ducks and surf scoters dive and bob around in the waves.


Then, we went beach combing for abalone, top snail shells and live oysters.


It was a great day.



  1. What! You didn’t tell the story about the carrying of the boots?

    • Ok: I didn’t bring my rubber boots, so when we had to cross a creek, there was an elaborate process where Stacey and her sister would go over first, then Stacey would sit and remove her boots, sister would walk them back over the creek, then I would put them on, cross the creek and return them to Stacey.

      It was all very “fox and chicken cross the river”

      It was funny at the time, but it’s hard to re-tell funnily, except for the irony of a westcoaster being *anywhere* without rubber boots, for shame.

  2. kathy you have mail

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