Posted by: Kiersten | April 4, 2011

The ocean peels back

I’m enjoying our second year in Ukee. Last year everything was new and novel, but this year it’s familiar. Changes are welcome returns rather than surprises.

The most dramatic thing that happens to the beaches in spring are the crazy-low tides.


We see almost double the beach at low tide this time of year.


Can you see Kat in her black coat way out on the rocks?

The eagles’ chicks are back. I know them by their behaviour. They’re more aggressive, and more curious than their parents. Here, we have the unsettling feeling this one is eyeing us up:


The eagles aren’t the only birds getting worked up; I was buzzed by a rufous hummingbird yesterday.

Look out Ukee, Spring is well and truly here! (Now where is that sunshine???)



  1. Beachcombing must be excellent at this time of the year if so much shore frontage is exposed. Have you located any interesting artifacts???? The dogs must love all the new smells coming from the exposed beaches. We all know how dogs love foul smelling stuff!!

  2. Yes, we found an abalone shell this weekend! That was really exciting. It’s small, but beautiful.

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