Posted by: Kiersten | March 11, 2011

Tsunami Advisory

The phone rang at 4:30 this morning. My first impulse was to roll over and go back to sleep, but the little voice in my head told me to get up and check the caller ID.

It was from Dan. When I checked our text messages, I saw four words that sent a jolt of adrenaline screaming through my brain:

“Wake up! Tsunami Advisory!”

Our pre-discussed plan for power outages, emergencies and disasters is to meet up with Dan and Stacey, preferably at their house if it’s safe. They have lots of room, a wood stove, and are not among the waterfront houses advised to evacuate.

At 4:30 this morning, we didn’t know whether we were advised to leave the waterfront, we just figured it was common sense. In half an hour (we were given an hours’ warning) we were out the door with the dogs and our supplies for a few days.

When we got to Dan & Stacey’s house, we learned what had happened: huge earthquake in Japan, hundreds dead, power plants leaking radiation, oil rig on fire.

All we lost today was a few hours’ sleep.

Our neighbour posted on Facebook, “What do you do while waiting for a big wave that hopefully is not coming?”

You call your friends, you check in with neighbours, you prepare, you hold on to each other.

You count your many, many blessings.



  1. Glad you are okay. Thinking of those who are affected by the earthquake, tsunami and resulting chaos.

  2. We’re with you in spirit…one day, perhaps we’ll all meet on dry land. Keep holding on!


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