Posted by: Kiersten | March 8, 2011

Rolling along

Guess what this is for?

Oh yeah! We’re drilling a big hole in our warehouse!

There was a small amount of drama involved in getting a piece of equipment capable of drilling a large hole in a concrete wall.

We had to drive to Nanaimo to pick it up from a specialized equipment rental place, then we had to get home again after the truck mysteriously shuddered and died. Here’s Dan, arm deep in the truck’s engine:

Fortunately, Dan is a handy guy to have around. He figured it was the truck’s alternator, since they had been having trouble with the truck’s battery. He pulled the alternator, found a ride to the auto shop seven miles up the road, got a new alternator, brought it back and we spent a couple of hours wrestling the thing around the very tight serpentine belt.

The whole process took six hours and left no time for other Nanaimo errands, but now I know how to replace an alternator in a ’99 V6 F150, which is pretty cool for a woman who’s only been in the car-owning population for a year.

Funny what you pick up living out here.



  1. Ha! That’s great. You should see the very neat looking cylinder of concrete sitting in our living room. We could decorate it to look like a cup of coffee.

  2. Somehow that seems appropriate to have learned the “manly task” of alternator repair on the day the world celebrated “Women’s Equal Rights”.

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