Posted by: Kiersten | March 2, 2011

Snow Forest!

It snowed yesterday! Huge, fluffy, flakes of snow! I *almost* missed Ontario. That is, until I had to drive in it.

I had *just* finished brushing off the car.

Ukee doesn’t have a snow plow. A backhoe labored slowly to clear the streets. One scoop at a time.

The tree branches began to sag. Sheets of slush formed on top of the salt water in the harbour.

Beyond the dock, six sealions floated in a raft, quietly rolling in the water, their flippers raised, as if they were catching snowflakes.

I’m posting this from the iPhone, and can’t seem to figure out how to embed the video from here, so I’ll just post the direct link:

It’s too bad the iPhone doesn’t have a zoom function. I miss my good Olympus camera. This shot of icicles in the rainforest did turn out well:

For a few hours, our rainforest became a snow & ice forest. All sound was muffled by the falling snow.


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