Posted by: Kiersten | March 1, 2011

The wolves at our door

We have wolves in Ucluelet. This time last year, I saw my first wolf. At first, all I saw was three deer leap out of the rainy darkness, pin themselves against the hood of our car, rolling their terrified eyes in the harsh beam of the headlights.

And then I saw him; huge and woolly, tail, back and head aligned as he slid across the ground in the unmistakable manner of a predator. He crossed the street and disappeared into the shadows of the neighbors yard.

Local writer and photographer Jacqueline Windh wrote this about our wolves:

The wolves can be heard howling at the golf course in Tofino. Their enormous paw prints can be found on the beach in the early morning. One of our knitting group told us of the last time there was a rise in the local pack population; the pack learned that domestic dogs were easy targets. Keep your pups on a leash when tramping through the forest, y’all.

This morning, I saw Doris deer and her fawn from last year browsing the grass along the beach by our house. The beach where the wolves land when they swim across the harbour. Doris looks like she’s pregnant again, she looks heavier, a bit tired, a tad slow.

Not too slow, I hope.



  1. I love hearing wolves howl – nothing more primeval than that especially when one is hiking in the middle of nowhere.
    I saw my first wolves just outside of Port Alberni. I was on the way home from a commercial fishing trip out of Bamfield. It was almost dark.
    I saw a golden retriever running way down by the treeline, and chasing it were two wolves. The dog disappeared into the trees before I had a chance to stop.
    Here in PEI there are very large coyotes who will take a dog. We keep a close eye on Ruby!

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