Posted by: Kiersten | January 15, 2011

Sarah Harmer!

One of the delightful things about living out here on the Western edge of Canada is we get many of the delights of the city with none of the downsides.  We live in a rural community of a few thousand, yet we have world-class restaurants, culture and music.

In the city you pay $50 – $100 to see Sarah Harmer in a huge amphitheater where you can cram in with a thousand others and watch her on a jumbo screen.  In Tofino you pay $25 to see her play to 150 people at the Legion.  It was rather like seeing the semi-unknown artists playing at semi-unknown bars in Toronto; the proximity to the musicians, the casual atmosphere, the access to washrooms.  It was awesome.

We heard a song from her new album, with which Kat & I can definitely commiserate:

The show closed with one of our favourites, a song that’s been on our road trip cds since our first camping trip together.  When I listen to this song and close my eyes, I can see Highway 11 north stretch out before me and smell the dry grass and sharp pine of Northern Ontario in August:

At one point she mentioned their next tour stop is going to be Winnipeg, where it’s minus 30 C.  The audience laughed heartily.

When the show came to a close at 1:00 am, Sarah thanked Tofino for the temperate air, the mist, the green trees, the bald eagles and the Legion.

We thank the west coast for that too.  And for Sarah Harmer.



  1. Kiersten, for those of us fans of yours that are slightly out of touch, what is happening with the coffee roasting biz? I saw something about a chimney, and I recall some pics of you all in the warehouse space painting before Christmas. Are you almost ready to go? Because I am ready to start ordering. : ) Rocky

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