Posted by: Kiersten | January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

From the rocky shores of the sometimes-sunny Ucluelet, I bring you the Waves of the New Year:

(If you click the box in the lower right corner of the video screen, with the four arrows directed outwards, the video will go into full screen mode.  It’s much nicer to watch waves in full screen.  Easier on the eyes, too.)

Recently, a new section of the Wild Pacific Trail opened to the public.  Kat & I went for a walk to check out this new branch, called the Artist Loop, so named for the gorgeous, unobstructed view of the ocean.  This will be our whale-watching spot this spring.

So basically, it’s just a video of waves.  You’ll either find it boring or mesmerizing.  Either way, it’s proof that we do indeed get sunshine once in a while during the winter months!



  1. Heya, I was hoping to follow your guys and your business on twitter. Would you send me your twitter address? Perhaps some day my chef girlfriend will buy your roaster’s coffee. : ) Cornerhouse (Anne)

    • Hi Anne,

      It’s stellar coffee on twitter. I’ll post a twitter feed to the blog soon – it’s already on the website (to be released when we launch)

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