Posted by: Kiersten | December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Christmas has arrived!

Bonus is sulking as I (repeatedly) put him in a sit-stay under the tree.  Mocha, a vogue-pro, shows him how it’s done.

Our wonderful friends, Dan & Stacey, got us a tree from the bush.  They went out in their 4×4 pickup truck to get their own tree, and picked us up a beautiful, bushy little hemlock while they were at it.  Talk about a fresh tree!

We didn’t move any deccorations last year, so our holiday decor consists of a cedar and holly wreath I made with trimmings I collected from the nearby brush.  Our tree is decorated with the lights we bought last year, some crocheted snow flakes I’ve been making since November, and various shells we collected at the beach.

Our tree topper is a sand-dollar.  It’s a very west-coast tree.

Yesterday, we heard Geoff, our radio DJ, warning us of incredibly high tides on Christmas Eve.  We headed down to the lighthouse to watch the storm:

It was a LOT of fun.  The waves were huge and were smashing into the rocky cliffs higher than we’ve ever seen them, the ocean clawing her way ashore, straining to drag anyone and anything down to the depths.

We actually ran into Geoff at the lighthouse right after shooting the above video.  We chatted about the winters of Christmas past for a bit, before Geoff had to rescue his photographer friend who, mesmerized by the waves and the possibility of snapping that perfect storm picture, had gotten much too close to the waves.  “You’re gonna die!”  Geoff called out casually to his buddy.

That’s why there are so many signs to stay on the trail!  The waves are dangerous, kids!   It was thrilling and a bit scary to watch.  (Sorry for the swearing, I haven’t figured out how to bleep myself with video editors yet.  Ye be warned!)

See that cliff in the first part of the video?  The one that the waves almost touched?  That’s where we were standing for the first video.

Every year, someone gets swept off the rocks.  This overzealous photographer chose to risk his life on Christmas Eve.  We watched him make it safely back, a Christmas Miracle, to be sure.

After watching THAT near-death experience, Kat & I went to Big Beach to watch the Christmas Eve sunset.  The beauty of the sky was as awe-inspiring as the power of the ocean.

We watched the sky burn for a half hour.  It’s not exactly a white Christmas, but an incredibly beautiful one all the same.

Merry Christmas everyone.  Be safe!


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