Posted by: Kiersten | November 22, 2010

The roaster is here.

The roaster arrived, safe and sound, early last week.  Kat & I promptly succumbed to the flu, our immune systems taxed by the stress and worry of having the most important piece of equipment on the road and at the mercy of the many shippers & handlers.

Fortunately, it was snugly crated up and insured to the hilt – the equivalent of bringing an umbrella just in case of rain.  The delivery was passed off to a courier with a truck small enough to negotiate the driveway to our loading bay, and the delivery went smoothly and professionally.

We’re grateful, relieved, excited and very happy!

I’ll post photos soon.





  1. Congratulations, ladies! Now go make some tea and get over that flu!

  2. Woohoo… better yet, make some coffee… even though tea might be better if you are feeling poorly.

  3. Hurray!!!

    Can’t wait for the next phase of adventures. 🙂 Hope you’re both feeling better now.



  4. YAY! The dream is coming alive, no? That’s sooo exciting!

  5. Congrats on achieving a major goal in setting up your new business!!Freshly roasted beans for Xmas????

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