Posted by: Kiersten | November 9, 2010

The roaster is in Atlanta!

Our roaster has been through Tampa, Orlando, Albany and now it’s passed through Atlanta, Georgia, on its way home!

Meanwhile, we finally have graphics and a logo that we adore.  Our newest graphic designer is a psychic genius.  It’s been frustrating trying to convey our concept and the market we’re targeting, only to have the same logos come back, over and over.  It’s interesting how strongly the branding major coffee chains influenced the designers.

We love the concept our new designer came up with.  I’d post it right now, but I don’t want to use the graphics before we actually pay for them.  This means I’ll be able to set up the Stellar Coffee Website soon!   Wow, after so many months it’s all finally happening – and so fast!

Today, the replacement power cord for my work computer arrived.  This means I can catch up on the financial statements and get a handle on our cashflow, something that’s been keeping me up at night.

The renovations are nearly complete, and our darling of a landlord has kicked in for some of the materials to help us finish off the space.  I will be doing the priming and painting of the warehouse myself to save money.

Winter has returned to Ucluelet, and winter has brought sideways rain, hail and crazy-powerful winds that threaten to blow our deck chairs right off the balcony.  Kathy, our neighbour & super, wasn’t kidding when she told us to tie them down!

Even through the dramatic weather, we still get a few hours of nice, sunny weather every day.  Yesterday Kat took advantage of a break in the weather to head back out to the trail and pick more huckleberries.  Look at how many we have!

They look and taste a lot like Northern Ontario wild blueberries, but just a tad sweeter.  They’re so nice to pick because the bushes are waist to head level, so you don’t need to be bending over for hours, and the bushes have no thorns like the black berries, raspberries or salmon berries.  I think these beauties are my favourite local berry – and they’re a late harvest berry, which means we might still be picking them in December!

I just did an exclaimation point count in this post – can you tell I’m a bit excited?  Boy, there are days when we feel like crying, and days when we’re on top of the world.

Today, is one of those happy days.



  1. Glad to hear that things are going well. Excited for you to be getting closer to your dream.

  2. Wow, can I ever relate! On Sunday we spent the day basking in the sun on the porch, and by last night we were out in the rain and mud, trying to figure out why we weren’t getting any water from our well. It’s an adventure, though, isn’t it? And one I’ll never regret.

    Can’t wait to see the new logo! Go girls, GO!

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