Posted by: Kiersten | November 5, 2010

Coffee by Christmas!

On November 2nd, Kat & I celebrated our first year in Ucluelet.  Looking back on this last year is like looking back on your life five years after you graduated from high school, just before a reunion:  you’re not where you imagined you’d be, but you’ve come pretty damn far.

And we have.  The last two weeks have been non-stop crazy.  Our roaster is finally on the road.  FINALLY!  The coffee is not far behind.  It’s an exciting time with a steep learning curve, and we’re learning new things about ourselves and each other.

For instance Kat, mild-mannered, artistic, creative and quiet, launched into action today when the wire transfer of funds to our shipper went awry.  She hurtled down to the bank, asked for the manager and demanded a resolution.  She *hates* doing crap like that, but holy cow is she ever good at it!  i’m so glad she’s on my side.


We would both like to thank our families (again) for their continuing support and encouragement.  For sending us “thinking of you” cards and funny newspaper articles, giving us car and computer help.  We are so grateful.

Soon, I’ll be posting pictures of the roaster’s arrival.






  1. Go, ladies, go! It’s so fun watching our parallel adventures. Just this week, we launched our B&B. After months of roofing, re-tiling, scraping, painting, we’re in business. I’ll post about it early next week. Maybe one day we’ll do a swap.

    So excited for you…I’m cheering you on from this hemisphere!

    • Yay, congratulations!

      Brazil is definitely among the first few countries with plantations we’ll visit once we get to that point. I’m sure we’ll meet someday.

  2. Go ladies, go!!! Wow – can’t believe the roaster is on it’s way and you’ll soon be roasting. That is fantastic!

    Excited for you and thinking of you both.



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