Posted by: Kiersten | October 11, 2010

This is where we live.

This is our house.  #2, The Boathouse.  It’s not on a street, so we use the street address of the house in front of ours.  Not that you really need a street address in a town like Ukee.  Every local reading this probably already knows where we live.  That’s our cat, Sunshine, sitting on the porch.  To the right, the gorgeous rose bush had just lost its fuchsia blooms to the first big storm of the season.

This September found me homesick for the first time in almost a year.  Fall is the time I would always get out of Toronto and head up north to visit my family, rejoicing in the glory of the fall colours.  Sugar maple, birch, poplar, oak:  crimson, gold, russet, umber.  The painter’s palate of home.

To help trick my brain into believing it’s fall, I bought some fake fall foliage and trained it like Boston Ivy up the driftwood by our door.  It helped.  So did the photos of Pembroke, ON that my Dad sent to me this weekend:

Thanks, Dad.

Inside, Kat & I have finally finished painting our main living space, just in time for our Thanksgiving dinner party.  See that red wall in the entrance behind the kitchen?  The whole apartment was that colour.  And the kitchen cupboards were black.  It made it feel like we were living inside the belly of a whale.  It was very dark, the paint was scraped off down to the drywall in places.  It needed a face-lift.

That’s not wall paper on the back of the kitchen cupboards either – it’s fabric that I starched on to the wall.  That way, it can be removed with warm water when we leave.  It’s an easy and fun way to bring some texture into a room.

Here’s part of our livingroom.  We paid less than $10 for each item in this picture (except for the dog, of course.)  The book shelf was made from scrap wood someone slapped together.  We picked it up for a song and painted it with the same colour we used on the cupboards.  The suitcases hold Kat’s extensive yarn and fabric stash.

This is the view from our couch.  There’s Kat out on the deck, planting our winter onions and garlic.

Sometimes our view looks like this:

Here is the beach next door to the Boathouse:

Our bear likes to walk along the shoreline on his way to the fish plant.  This route takes him right across our front porch.  Last week our neighbour called us at 10 am saying “There’s a huge frickin’ bear right outside your door!   Look out your window right now!!!” We missed him, but she told us that his shoulders came up to the bottom of the wreath we have hanging on our door.

Our blue heron, Herold, visits us every morning too:

After coffee, sometimes we take the dogs for a ride to the beach.

The first storm churned up the ocean and flung all the bull kelp on to the beach.  That’s what we get instead of fall foliage, piles of tubular bull kelp as big as haystacks.

We don’t mind though, we can still walk barefoot on the beach.

We keep a careful eye on the ocean though.

The return of the rains has caused a mushroom explosion, including the beautiful Amanita Muscaria.

These guys were just growing in the parking lot by the beach.

Sometimes we come home to find Doris the Deer and her young fawn hanging out by our front porch:

Her baby is just too cute for words!

Off to Mama for a quick meal.  I don’t think she’s nursing him much anymore.  Beyond the deer you can see the fish plant, the bear’s feeding station, and the winter home of several sea lions.

So this is where we live.  I think it’s a great spot.



  1. What a perfect little house! Beautiful pictures… I am insanely jealous! 🙂

    • Thanks J. I know you’d love it out here.

  2. I think we went to the very same beach on that very same day. Those tracks in the sand look familiar. In fact, that’s the beach where we scavenged our sablefish trap from!

    • Neat! Yeah, it’s Wickaninnish beach. The tracks are from the equipment they brought in to reconstruct the sand dunes. I think.

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