Posted by: Kiersten | July 10, 2010

Pictures at last!

Found the camera cord!

Juvenile bald eagle grooming on top of an old floodlight, at the end of our dock.

It was hard to get a shot of his head, since he was so busy contorting his neck to reach all his feathers.

There he is!  See what I mean when I describe them as huge chickens?

Finally, come pictures from the Wild Woman hike on the Lighthouse Loop of the Wild Pacific Trail:

It’s a lot of fun to hang out with out-of-towners who take such a thrill in the little things we’re used to as locals.  Here the group is examining bull kelp, an abundant sea weed that’s all over our beaches.  I just see it as something that messes up the beach.  It decomposes on the shore, attracting flies and smells like old fish; the dogs love to roll in it.

To the Wild Women, the kelp is exotic and new, fascinating and fun!  As was every pebble and shell on the beach!

And who’s that on the rocky shore?

A doe nursing her fawn!  They were in full view just off the Wild Pacific Trail.  It was as though she brought her baby out to show off.

It is nice to have my camera back.



  1. Yay photos!!!

    I love the one of the doe and fawn. And I definitely get it now about the eagle chickens. They look a little less majestic at the top of light posts in the middle of grooming 🙂

    At the Caseys on Mutual st we had a waitress who just moved from Tofino to Toronto last month! Who knows – maybe you passed each other on the street 🙂 She was young (early 20s) and couldn’t believe that someone would want to move from TO to little Ucluelet. Give her a few years… she’ll get it!

    • I totally get teenagers and people in their early twenties needing to leave small town Ukee/Tofino for a city. We’re isolated from pop culture out here, something that Kat & I adore, but that’s really hard for kids who just want a burger from McDonalds. Hell, we’re isolated from a lot of culture that you’re surrounded by in a place like Toronto. Crowds and noise and pollution seemed more tolerable to me when I was 20, and I was damn determined to learn some skills I couldn’t get in the smallish city of North Bay. She probably needed to leave Tuff City for the same reason I wanted to leave North Bay.

      I think the Ukee high school needs it’s own radio. The one local radio channel here plays songs for us thirty-somethings, for aging hippies and tourists. Lot’s of Beach Boys, 80s classics and 90s favourites. I think it’s great, but every teenager I see driving a beater is blasting music I don’t even recognize. It must feel quite oppressive.

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