Posted by: Kiersten | June 21, 2010

The second time around.

Alright, I’ll be honest.  I already wrote this entry once.  Yesterday.  I was foolish enough to write it directly into the wordpress website, rather than as a word document, thinking I’d just post a quick update.  The entry blossomed into a beautiful expression of our emotional highs and lows this past month (tootin’ my horn a bit there, but I was proud of it.)

And then, disaster.  I clicked “publish entry” and the browser refreshed.  I lost the whole frickin’ entry.

So I’m writing this for the second time.  My heart’s not quite in it, and I feel like it didn’t turn out as well as the first version.  Sometimes that happens with writing.  You hit a zone, something magical happens, you get swept away with your own words.  It’s like finding the entrance to Narnia, and it’s not always there when you look for it.

Anyway, this is the best I could do the second time around.  I hope you enjoy it.


This weekend has been our first opportunity to slow down in over a month.  What a home stretch this has been.

Last week we signed our commercial lease – Huston, we have a warehouse.  It’s perfectly located, affordable and beautiful to boot.  Signing the lease meant we made our first withdrawl on our business loan – a momentous occasion indeed.

We drove into Port Alberni to pick up the cheque at the Community Futures office.  I’ve held it together through many a stressful event at Futures; through tense conversations, anxious committee presentations, I’ve managed to maintain a professional demenor.  But when I cast my eyes over that first cheque, my vision blurred with tears.  My hands shook as I tucked the envelope into my purse.

We’re in business.

We celebrated by taking Emily Carr to the drive through car wash.  She’d accumulated a fine layer of yellow road dust when Kat drove the Wild Women through the logging road access to Toquart Bay.  Although driving a car covered in road dust does give us a bit of Ukee local cred, much like wearing gumboots absolutely everywhere, the dust gets on absolutely everything – much like Ontario road salt in the winter.  Although the car-grit is fun to draw in, it’s a bit of a waste when the wittiest thing you can think of writing into the dirt is “Wash Me!”

With our 20 year old station wagon once again blue and shiny, we drove to our favourite second hand haunt, GT Antiques.  Kat & I have slowly been furnishing our new home almost exclusively through this store.  We found a small, solid old fir table with heavy legs and a beautiful grain.  It had lived most of it’s life bolted to the floor of a cabin on a family-owned sailboat, travelling between Vancouver Island and Hawaii.  It’s just right in our living room, under the windows overlooking the active harbour outside.

Back at home, we’ve finally managed to solve the Kitchen Problem.  Every time I move, it takes about a month to sort the kinks out of the placement of various items in the kitchen.  The location of pots, cutlery, dishes, oven mitts, tea towels, baking supplies etc. all affect the ease of food preparation and, ultimately, how comfortable you feel in the kitchen.

Another consideration is that our kitchen cupboards don’t have any doors, so we want our brightly coloured pyrex dishes and melamine mixing bowls on display within easy reach, and the cluttery corded appliances tucked out of sight (but still accessible).  Kat had a brain wave and suggested we turf the linens, towels and blankets into the bedroom and convert the linen closet into a kitchen pantry.  Genius!

Kat’s become a devoted student of canning, and we’ve needed the extra pantry space.  She’s filling our pantry with fermenting lemon & pepper, kim-chi (a kind of Korean sour kraut, delicious and full of B vitamins), canned tomatoes, sauce and salsa.  We’re hoping we can avoid buying a few $5 jars of salsa at the CoOp this winter.


Okay, that’s the best i can do this morning.  I have a few animal updates, but I’ll save that for a new entry, one that doesn’t feel like yesterday’s news.

Today I’m going to tackle the mess in the second bedroom, soon to be office.  I’m hoping I’ll find the cord to my camera so I can post some pictures again!

Have a lovely day, everyone.



  1. It is really exciting to hear that you now have the space for the roasting company and that things are moving along. I can almost smell the coffee down here in San Francisco. : )

  2. 1) that’s happened to me too – especially when it is a particularly long and eloquent post. I almost cried the last time – I know what you mean about your heart not being in it when writing the second time around

    2) kimchi! I lived in Korea for a year and learned to love the stuff. We always have it in our fridge. If you run out, come for dinner. 🙂

    3) congrats on cheque and business and space. I can’t wait to buy beans from you!

  3. We look forward to your posts.graeat to keep in toch.
    gald things are working out and look foreward to you product hitting the market
    our very best wishes
    fred And Fran

  4. Congratulations! Whatever the first attempt, this one spoke to me. So happy for you! 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 I’m glad it’s enjoyable. Sometimes it’s hard not to see just the flaws in your work, it helps to have outside feedback and encouragement.

      I haven’t checked your blog in a while, I need to catch up. I trust Brazil is lovely!

  5. Take the card out of your camera and insert it into the 5in1 card reader on your laptop.

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