Posted by: Kiersten | June 14, 2010

When it rains, it pours.

None identify with this proverb more than those who live near the rain forest.  Our lives seem to follow the pattern of the weather – months of shortened days, concentrating on just gettin’ by until the tourists and the money floods the town in summer.

When the rain falling from the sky lightens up, the tourists pour in and suddenly everyone is busier than bees in springtime.  Mother Nature’s doing her part in helping us cram as much work as possible into the summer days by giving us an astonishingly long day:  the light brush-strokes of dawn paint the sky at 4:30 am and floods the day with light and energy until 10:30 at night.  There really *are* enough hours in the day here, the trouble is there aren’t enough hours at night to sleep!

Kat & I have never been busier.  Everything is happening all at once with our coffee baby.  She’s demanding to be fed and talked to every hour of the day.  The trouble is, we’ve never had more things going on *outside* of the business.  We’re still trying to dig a functional household out of the piles of crap we moved.  (Notice, whenever you move your prized and loved possessions become “crap” overnight.)  My part-time job has become busier because all of the clients are busier.  And to top it all off, the Wild Women have come to town.

Six months ago when Beth Mairs asked me if I’d like to earn a bit o’ change by shuttling the Wild Women on the Pacific Rim trip around town, I jumped at the chance.  After all, I figured by then we’d surely have the business rumbling along.  (Stop laughing.)

Despite our chronic lack of spare time, we’re finding our little injection of Wild Women to be just what we needed to restore our humour, and our simple joy at living here.  There is nothing like showing tourists around to make a Ukee resident appreciate the magic of this part of the world all over again.  I realized just how much I’ve learned in the last eight months – I was able to answer a lot of their questions, I pointed out a few species of birds common to Ukee but rare pretty much everywhere else.

Saturday, we accompanied the group on a walk on the lighthouse loop, a portion of the Wild Pacific trail with gorgeous views.  The women were thrilled with the little bits of shells that litter the beaches.  They rejoiced in fresh ocean air.  As usual, the little bit of magic that follows the Wild Women around on their trips came to Ukee too; a whale surfaced just off the coast in a burst of misty breath, and a doe with her newborn fawn nursed her baby in full view of the group.  (Pictures coming soon!)

Yesterday, Kat shuttled the group around Tofino while I went to work and surprised my boss who forgot I was scheduled to work on Sunday.  I happily took the day off since there was just so damn much I could be doing at home; when I got home, I lay down on the couch and promptly fell asleep.

It was the first afternoon I’ve had off since before we moved.  I guess I needed a nap.

In the early evening Kat came home, happy and energized from her day with the Wild Women.  They’d been to a beach that Kat & I hadn’t visited before, and they’d walked the rain forest trail, something Kat & I haven’t done since we moved here.   I burned some perogies for dinner and then tackled the horrific mess in the living room – a mess that’s been dominating our apartment since we moved.  I managed to break it down and either find homes for the stuff, move it to storage or to the second bedroom where we could close the door and pretend that we don’t still have hours of work to do in setting up our new home.

Kat & I were up with the sun again today – Kat’s shuttling the Wild Women out to Toquart Bay for their kayaking trip to the Broken Group Islands.  I’m at home, enjoying our clutter-free living room, typing at the kitchen bar that looks out our back balcony on to the harbour.  The sea lion chorus is harmonizing, and I’m watching a playful fellow float on his back with his flippers out of the water, enjoying the sunshine.  The eagles are hanging out on an old dock post sticking straight up from the water; it’s low tide and I can see a star fish on that post just above the water line.

Life is so full of good things, it’s bursting at the seams.



  1. ‘Pouring’ thought it may be in terms of being busy, it sounds as though your life is full of rainbows. Your writing is a true gift, so I am glad you carved out a bit of time to share with us.

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