Posted by: Kiersten | June 3, 2010

On the move.

What.  A.  Week.

Kat & I moved into our new apartment a few days ago.

You would think that since we arrived just eight months ago with only six rubbermaid bins of possessions, and since we do not own any large furniture, that moving into our new apartment located next door to the first one would be the easiest thing in the world.

We discovered over the course of the move that somehow, six rubbermaid bins of stuff became TWENTY rubbermaid bins of stuff in eight months.  I have no idea how that happened.  Stuff happens, I guess.

Really, what made it hard was our state of mind.  We are bloody sick of moving.

I have moved six times in the last four years.  Kat has moved eight times in the past five years.  This last move probably would have been easy if we could’ve just stopped complaining about it.

But we couldn’t help ourselves.  You have never seen two grumpier women than we.  Loading up two or three bins with random items, dragging them down stairs, loading them on a dolly, wheeling them next door, in the rain, down a slippery part-gravel drive that slopes steeply downhill, cursing the bins, the road, the rain, whining like a couple of kids.

Fortunately, there’s nothing like guests to put you back on your best behaviour.  The day of our move, the North Bay Guys drove across the island for a visit.  This would’ve been a great idea if any of us had thought to ask / tell where Kat & I were actually moving.  The guys arrived in the late evening to find our old apartment deserted and our phone disconnected.  Unsure of what to do, Jamie, Gord and their pit bull Hopper spent the night in the cab of their truck!

I found a groggy Jamie and a spry Hopper the next morning as I took the dogs out for a walk.  Seeing them snapped me right out of my funk.

The guys helped us move the rest of our stuff AND helped us clean the old apartment.  We finished by early afternoon, enough time to grab some hot dogs & fixin’s and head out to one of the out-of-the-way beaches for the rest of the day.

All three dogs got the exercise they sorely needed on the challenging trail to the beach, and the people got the R & R we desperately needed.  We roasted our hot dogs with some wild chives which we found along the rocky beach, and as we munched our lunch we watched the sea otters bob in the kelp.

When we said goodbye to the guys the next day, although physically I was tired to the bone, I felt completely rested emotionally.  Restored.

We love our new apartment.  Since November we have been living in a 400 square foot cabin with two people, two cats and two dogs.  Even without a lot of stuff it still creates some personal space issues.  Our new apartment is a two bedroom.  Space enough for an actual bedroom with an office / guest room.  We share a lovely deck with our next door neighbour and her son.  Our deck overlooks the harbour; we have front row seats to the sea lion show!

We can still see our eagle friends.

Best of all, this apartment is not a temporary solution.  It’s not a crash pad.  It’s home.



  1. I’m so very glad you’re both moved in and settled! Thank goodness for wonderful friends that can help too. It sounds like the ideal set up for this next phase in life. Here’s to a long residence in your new home!

    Thinking of you, sending love. xoxo


    • Oh please, please let this be a long residence in our new home! Right now I feel like we would be happy living here forever.

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