Posted by: Kiersten | May 16, 2010

Go jump in the lake.

Living so close to the Pacific ocean, it’s easy to forget about lakes.  The ocean is so massive, powerful and absolutely teeming with life…  But, you can’t drink sea water.  You have to keep an eye on the waves and be aware of the tides.  The ocean is temperamental.  Complicated.

I needed to visit a lake.  Lucky me – there are plenty of lakes ‘round here.

Kat & I find ourselves driving a lot lately.  We have our best business meetings in a moving car.  There’s something about being in a car, speeding down the twisting highway, watching the mountains and rivers roll by that really focuses our minds.  We can leave town with a pile of worries and come up with some pretty creative ideas on the road.  Invariably, we return to town with solutions we never would have thought of at home, and we find some beautiful places along the way.

This is Cameron Lake, situated conveniently outside of Nanaimo, right beside highway 4:

We had to pull over when we saw this sign in Port Alberni:

But we were kinda disappointed:

Outside of Ucluelet, we decided to take a detour on one of the logging roads, and we meandered up to Rainbow Beach on Kennedy Lake:

A lovely, ancient tree is the official greeter:

This beautiful piece of driftwood looks like a whale’s head to me:

This sad little compact met an unhappy fate:

On the way back from Rainbow beach, we decided to explore a few of the foot paths.

We found these mysterious, gelatinous blobs in a particularly dark corner of the forest.

They were as large as my fist and contained within them hundreds of black specks:

We’re thinking they’re the fertilized egg blobs of the noble banana slug:

Banana Slug Fun Facts:  Banana slugs are the largest slugs in the world!  They are hermaphrodites, each laying their own eggs and fertilizing their partner’s eggs.  Their courtship & mating ritual can go on for days!

We didn’t bring the dogs to Kennedy Lake the first time (we usually like to scope out new territory without them to make sure it’s dog-friendly), so we took the crew out to Fletcher’s cove for an afternoon on the beach.  We cooked hot dogs over the campfire.

Bonus seems to think Mocha should share her hot dog with him.

Not gonna happen, buddy.

C’mon guys, why are you sitting around?  LET’S PLAY!

You’re to fast to chase Bonus.

Alright, I’ll hang with you boring slow-pokes.  I don’t know why you humans are so tired!



  1. Lakes just abound on Vancouver Island. Up island don’t miss Comox Lake -it’s got one tourist side to avoid but if you can get on the logging road that runs beside it … lots of access and if you keep going you reach another, smaller lake teeming with trout.
    Comox Valley also has Wolf Lake, again on a logging road, not far past the turnoff to Mt. Washington.
    Ahh, I miss lakes. None to speak of here PEI, but lots in Nova Scotia.

    • really? thanks! We’ll get out our back road map and take a trip there. thanks!

  2. So beautiful! Is the lake really that blue?!? Looks almost tropical!

    Bonus seems quite at home. 🙂 I dont know how you keep him that white with all the opportunities of stuff to roll on and play in.

    Not feeling the love for the banana slugs 😛

    Have you gone swimming in any of the lakes? Can you?

  3. Dan says the blobs look like bullfrog eggs. Slug eggs are much smaller, and they look like the ‘bubbles’ in bubble tea.

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