Posted by: Kiersten | April 29, 2010


So much is happening – it’s wonderful, surreal and a teeny bit frightening.  I’m reminded of Margaret Cho’s bit: “It’s happening!  Happening!  AAAA!”

We’ve finally fixed all of the mechanical issues we knew Emily Carr had when we bought her.  She got a new elbow (cv boot), hip (ball joint), struts (knees) and a front end alignment (chiropractic visit).  All she needs now is a new windshield (glasses) and some fresh makeup (rust touch-up on the body).  We no longer wince when surprised by a pot-hole.  We no longer grind and pop loudly when making sharp turns.  Emily even got an oil change today.  Yep, that’s right.  We’ve driven over 5,000 km since we bought her in January!  I can not BELIEVE how much we drive.  What with all the miles flying by under our thinning tires, we still spend less time in transit in a month than we did in Toronto.

Our mechanic is awesome, highly skilled, works to save us money AND he’s well connected.  He may have put us in touch with the right commercial space to host our roaster.

Our mechanic is moving to a larger shop.  It’s no wonder;  his business is booming — word of mouth reccomendations bring him more business every month.  It turns out that the space he’s in now is pretty much what we’re looking for… and the landlord has a second unit in that building available.  We need to have a chat with the bylaw officer about fire codes and food safe laws before we make anything offical.  It feels promising.

We do have an official bank account.  We have cheques with out business name on it!  We have articles of incorporation.  And yesterday, we bought our first piece of office furniture.

It’s not much, just a smallish metal filing cabinet from Wal-Mart (barf).  But it’s practical, economical and space-efficient.  We already have more paper than our accordion file folders can organize, and that’s before we sign a commercial lease, obtain a business license, place bean orders and start issuing invoices.  We need to be organized, so a little file cabinet on wheels is a good place to start.  I wheel it over to the breakfast bar when I need to work, and wheel it back behind the futon when I’m done with it.  It’s not much of an office, but it’ll do for now.


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