Posted by: Kiersten | April 18, 2010

Living the High Life

Spring has brought the return of the mood swing weather we were seeing in November.  Crazy winds, fierce storms out of nowhere, surprise hail pelting out of a clear blue sky.

The storms are blowing in interesting ocean refuse.  More floats:

Some awesome fishing rope:

An odd blue barrel – I’m told the oyster farms use these as floats:

And some Japanese garbage:

The ocean is hypnotic.

And full of surprises:

Our eagarness to scope out new trails has led us though some beautiful forest:

And we found a Secret Beach:

The dogs are more than happy to accompany us:

But sometimes, we scope out new terrain without the dogs.  Today, we went out to explore some back country with our friend and his Jeep Cheerokee.  We took a well marked turn off to Toquart Bay, which is a beautiful put-in for kayakers to access the Broken Group Islands.

On the way to Toquart, we paused to photograph rivers:

With salmon!

And waterfalls:

That photograph cost me a few bruises; I fell while climbing up to the falls:

We explored 100 km of logging roads and discovered amasing vistas:

Beautiful Toquart bay, as seen from hundreds of metres above:

As we bumped along the pot-holey road, we saw signs of bear:

And then we saw a bear!  He froze and stared at us for a second before bounding into the cover of the bush – I didn’t get a picture of him.  He was a big guy, about half the size of the truck, with long legs, high shoulders and a bouncing lope.  Here’s a picture by some talented/lucky photographer with a zoom lens:

(thanks to VI-Wilds

No too shabby for a Sunday afternoon.


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