Posted by: Kiersten | April 15, 2010

Two outta three ain’t bad.

Our second presentation to the Community Future’s board was a success – just one more to go next week.  Next week’s presentation for the loan comittee is looking really good.

We’ve had a lot of good luck this month.  I finally, finally managed to unlock my pension funds, after six long months of fighting for my own money.  I’ve got it, though soon it’ll be funnelled into paying off bills.  We’ll be able to contribute a bit more equity to the business than we thought we would, and our credit will get some patching up.

Emily Carr’s received some patching up too – what a difference a sway bar makes!  The sway bar actually cut a good hour off of our commute to Port Alberni.  Another qualification of the Official Ukee Local is to be able to drive to Port Alberni in under 90 minutes.  Well today we did the drive in an hour and fifteen minutes… the very same drive that took SIX HOURS three months ago.

Think good thoughts for us next Thursday… we’re on the home stretch – soon we’ll be in business.


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