Posted by: Kiersten | April 12, 2010

Holy Crap!

I can’t believe how much time has slipped by since my last entry!

Okay, here’s a quicky, before bed update:

I have a new job.  Hours at the store suddenly dried up, so I went looking for work and found it – again!  We are so fortunate to have so many people helping us out and willing to give us a chance.  My new job is assistant bookkeeper for another entrepreneur – a woman I already have a whole ton of respect and admiration for.

Today, this new job brought me to the fish plant.  Stick around in Ukee long enough, you’ll end up at the fish plant.  It’s not operational yet, the massive warehouse lies empty, the assembly line equiptment lie in glittering, ominous pieces under the flickering flourescent lights.  The virtual silence of the place seems fragile, as though it’s a sleeping beast that must not be disturbed early.  Soon enough it will awaken and chew through millions of pounds of fish, operating 24 hours a day and employing hundreds of local and migrant workers.  Even after the industry crash in the 1990s, Ukee remains very much an industry town.

I came home from work today, ate a quick supper and sat down with Kat to plug away at the business plan some more.  We’re anxiously looking forward to our first presentation this Thursday and our final presentation next Thursday.  It’s hard to think of anything else.

Emily Carr, our 20 year old chevrolet cavilier, has been making loud grinding/popping noises whenever she turns.  It’s her CV axle needing repair, something we knew would need doing after her pre-purchase inspection.  Later this month we’re getting her ball joint and strut repaired, which will be the last of the “need to to” repairs we knew we were signing up for when we bought the car.

Our mechanic can do the repairs for much less than Canadian Tire’s quote, he’s local and just an all ’round likeable guy.  He took the time to show us the parts in need of repair, explaining how they work and why the repair costs what it does.  He’s also has a bunch of salvaged tires, so when it’s time to replace Emily’s tires we’ll just buy the second-hand tires at $20 each instead of brand new tires at $100 each.

Kat & I found a Secret Beach this weekend!  We have pictures.  I will post them in the next entry.



  1. Glad to hear you are finding employment. Best of luck with the presentation – I’ll be waiting for news on how it all goes!

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