Posted by: Kiersten | April 4, 2010

It’s the little things.

It’s the little things that add up to big changes in your life.  This week has been good.  The business plan is in it’s final stages.  It has evolved so much over five months, it’s amazing.  We found a way to save over $30,000 in the first two years, simply by outsourcing the grunt work of the bookkeeping and assigning me to a part time job that will cover our rent.  Not borrowing that money is almost like earning that amount in five months – not bad.  The final draft is due tomorrow, so we’ll be spending some time today giving it a final polish.  We didn’t touch the plan yesterday because it was my birthday.  We went on a hike instead.

Kat & I are starting to explore more off of the beaten path – having gum boots helps a lot when you’re practically bushwhacking overgrown rain forest trails.  It’s funny how many trails are intentionally hidden from the main tourist traffic (for good reason) with piles of brush or simply allowing the first 10 feet of a trail to become flooded and overgrown.  Yesterday, Kat & I practically had to crawl through a thicket and then we emerged on to a decommissioned logging road that was a wide, beautiful and private trail.  There were half a dozen foot paths leading away from this hidden logging road, paths that were well marked with trail tape and carefully groomed, the ground blanketed with trimmed branches.  Many people are obviously putting a great deal of effort into maintaining these trails and preserving the back-country for back-country enthusiasts.  We still haven’t found a way to the hidden, unnamed sandy beaches we’re trying to access, but we’re definitely getting closer.  The dogs have twice shown me a marked foot path off of the old logging road by walking down the path a few feet and then stopping to look back at me.  “Can we go this way?”  We haven’t taken that particular path yet.  Maybe the dogs already know that’s the way to the beach.  We’ll try that path next time.

Spring is the season for extreme tides and violent storms, which makes for some prime beach combing.  But you have to sift through a lot of garbage to find anything cool.

Oh look!  Here comes another Japanese float!

We found two Japanese floats and a bunch of North American floats.

Since I already have one of these, we decided to leave these floats on the beach for other people to find.

Bonus taught Mocha to dig a few months ago, and now it’s one of her favourite beach activities.  She doesn’t dig for anything in particular.  She doesn’t lay down in the hole she created, she just digs for the sake of digging.  Sometimes she digs a long deep trench all the way to the ocean, just because she can.

It really makes my heart lift, watching my dogs free to indulge in their natural dog behaviour.  They can dig on the beach all they want – the next tide will level it out.  They can roll in the mud, trot the dirt paths unleashed, investigating smells, falling behind and then running to catch up.  It’s a world very far from parks with mowed grass and paved crowded sidewalks necessitating short leashes and strict “heel” protocol.

We found a rock on the beach with strange drilled holes of varying sizes – it looks like swiss cheese.  If it was wood I’d be certain some sort of worm did this, but it’s rock.  Any idea what caused this?  Could it be water drips over hundreds of years?

The days are getting longer, allowing us to stay out much later than before; but we still have to keep an eye on the sky.  The sinking sun told us it was time to head home.

Dusk is the best time to find deer grazing on the side of the road:

This is why some locals call the deer over-sized vermin – they eat the gardens!

I still think they’re beautiful.

This is a magical corner of the world.



  1. I, too, love watching my dog “being a dog” out here. I haven’t brought my leash out for our walks in a while now, and she is just SO happy running up and down the trails, chasing wild rabbits, and following her nose wherever it leads her. Such a better life than she had in the city!

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