Posted by: Kiersten | March 31, 2010

Sunlight & Second-hand cameras

Who needs a grooming???  Bonus, have you seen my sock?

“Uh, no Mom, haven’t seen it.”

Okay then, let’s go to the beach.  Holy crow!  Just look at what those wicked storm-waves did to the beach!  Check out all those ripples in the sand:

“Ha, ha.  I see all these little fish swimming in the tide pool Mom, but I can’t catch them.”

Keep trying Mocha, you’ll get one sometime.

“I’ll just drink sea water instead, ha, ha.”

Uh, not a great idea Mocha.

What a warm spring day today!  By noon it was hot enough to want to swim.  Even Bonus splashed around in the water for a bit, chasing the bubbles that floated on the surface.  There were four bald eagles at Big Beach today, so we had to keep him on the leash.

We popped into the Ucluelet Aquarium today to ask about the octopus we found last week.  Wouldn’t you know, they have another octopus in the aquarium – they go diving to collect one to exhibit for a month or two, then they release it and collect a different one.  They do this because the Pacific Octopus grows so darn quickly, that their specimens usually outgrow their tank in that time.  In fact, the Pacific Octopus is one of the fastest growing organisms on earth! They only live to be about 3 years old – that’s not much time to get to be almost 30 feet long and weigh 600 lbs!! WOW!

I also learned that female Pacific Octopuses have suckers all the way to the ends of their arms, whereas males don’t have suckers on the last few inches of their tentacles.  Weird eh?  I looked back at our pictures from last week, but I can’t really tell for sure if he’s male or female.  Eh, we’ll just say he’s a male.

In other exciting news, Kat & I just might be getting our very own POST OFFICE BOX!  We’ve been on the waiting list for almost six months!  Having our own PO Box means we really are locals.  We’ll have PO Cred.  We’re thinking of throwing a PO Box Party.  Then the old-school locals will really have our number.


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