Posted by: Kiersten | March 31, 2010


I’m posting this entry with Kat’s computer.  IT LIVES!  It’s been weeks since we contacted MSI for the repair package, it still hasn’t arrived.  While Gord was visiting, he offered to install a new operating system for us and we figured it was worth a shot.

Well apparently Gord has the magic touch – he pressed the “ON” button and the darn beast booted up completely, without hesitation.  Computer, heal thyself!

It’s worked just fine ever since, *knock on wood*.

In other technological news, I also have not received the repair package for my Olympus camera, but I did find TWO digital cameras at last Saturday’s church bazaar.  I had the opportunity to play with one of them today and it seems to be great – surprisingly, even better than the broken one.  It’s at least ten years old but it turns off and on faster, it focuses faster, it takes more pictures in a shorter time frame.  It has the same zoom capacity and I think the quality is comparable to the broken camera – we’ll see how it turns out when I figure out how to upload the pictures to the computer.

There are things about this older model that I prefer – like a lens cap that prevents the camera from accidentally getting turned on in your pocket, draining the batteries.   It has an old school view finder, so if the sun is too bright to see the display screen, I can frame up my shots the old fashioned way.  If my Olympus camera even HAD a viewfinder, I’d still be able to use it since it’s just the screen that’s broken.

In a way, I’m feeling ripped off.  Six months ago I paid $200 for a camera that is not quite as good as one that was made 10 years ago.  You’d think that in ten years the technology would get better – it really hasn’t.  Yet another reason to shop second-hand.


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