Posted by: Kiersten | March 24, 2010

The business plan has been submitted.

Well our “first draft” of our business plan has been submitted, so at this point it’ll be a lot of back and forth between us and Community Futures to get it into the shape they’d prefer.  We have two separate presentations next month that will determine if we continue with them.

Just sending that information off to them today was a huge milestone for Kat & I.  We have come so far and our plan has transformed so many times in this process.  Even the business name has changed and may change again.

One thing you absolutely must be as an entrepreneur:  bendy.

Tomorrow we will host a couple of guests – two old friends from North Bay.  I hope these fellows will be the first of many visitors we receive in Ucluelet.  We’re very excited to show them our little paradise.

I’m really looking forward to seeing people we’ve known for more than five months.  Ukee is an amazingly friendly town and making new friends has been much easier than we expected.  Even so, it will be so good to see people we’ve known since we were teenagers.

A shout out to all you North Bay-ites:  git yer butts out here already!  We miss you all.

Hugs & Kisses, K&K.


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