Posted by: Kiersten | March 17, 2010

Catch Up

I’ve been saving these pictures because I wanted to write a proper entry, but it seems that things are getting busier by the day, and already there are new pictures and new things to write about.  I don’t want these pictures to waste away on my hard drive, so here they are.  You may see a few random pictures in the next few days.

Here we are at the Whale Festival’s “Sweet Indulgence” where all the restaurants, B&Bs, resorts and cafes donate their best desserts.  For the admission price of $10, it’s all you can eat – bring your stretchy pants!

There was live music to enjoy while you nosh:

One morning we woke up to SNOW!!!  Holy crow where have you been all winter???

Though the usually green hills to our east were draped in white, the azaleas were still in fine form.

Little Beach had a light dusting of snow:

Recent storms have brought some interesting refuse to the beach.  This was a part of a fishing boat at one time – maybe the end of a giant spool of fish net:

Bonus has become acclimatized, and even on this chilly morning he did not need his coat.  He likes to stand on the rocks at the edge of the water, watching the sea birds:

Look out!  You’re going to get wet!

On the way home a Stellar Jay was kind enough to pose long enough for me to get a good picture:

Isn’t he handsome?

There will be more pictures soon… sadly, this picture of the Stellar Jay is the last one I took with my good camera.  The next time I pulled it out of its padded pouch, it had big crack across the view screen.  I’ll have to see if I can get it repaired.  Fortunately, Kat’s older camera is still working, so I’ve been using it (thank you sweetie.)  What is it with us and electronic devices lately?



  1. Your kids look happy! 🙂

    It must be amazing to wake up every morning to mountains, trees and water. And all that wildlife.


    • Yes it is. There are so many little trails and secret beaches to find. The sheer density of life is amazing – there’s something living in every tree and under every rock. There are bald eagles everywhere.

      And dogs everywhere too!

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