Posted by: Kiersten | March 4, 2010


My first day at Image West was just lovely.  I got in a bit early just to orient myself, get the coffee on and get a fire going.

Yes, my new job has a wood stove.  I get to work by a fire. 

Another great thing about this job is pretty much everyone who’s anyone in town pops into Image West to say “Hi!”  I’ve met more people hanging out at Image West than at any of the business networkers.  AND as an employee of Image West, Kat & I get a free ride out on the whale watching tour this Sunday!  Yay!  I’ll be selling these whale watching tours this summer, so I need to be able to tell the tourists how much fun it is.  AWESOME!

I got an email and a phone call from the Job of Horror today.  They really want to work something out.  I offered to do some consulting work for them on a part-time basis.  This would be work I’d do from home, and I asked for more per hour since, as a consultant, I’d have no benefits, I’d have to remit my own income tax, etc.

So we’ll see, maybe we can work something out.  The boss really liked me and was sorry I decided not to stay.

It’s been a very interesting week.


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