Posted by: Kiersten | March 1, 2010

Teeny Beanies

Tomorrow, there’s a networking meeting for people in Ukee & Tofino involved in community Futures.  I’d really like to go, since I found one of the best parts of the course “Exploring Entrepreneurship!” to be meeting other prospective business owners in the area.  Alas, tomorrow is the very first day of my new job – I’ve not even been there one day and already there’s somewhere else I’d rather be!  Oh well.

This Saturday sparks the beginning of the Pacific Rim Whale Festival.  Yay!  I hope I’ll have some whale pictures to show soon. 

Kat & I found a type of coffee out here that’s imported from Thailand.  It’s $40/lb.  It is so good!  It’s the only coffee I’ve ever had black.  The flavour is mellow and chocolatey, not at all bitter or acid – it would be a crime to add sugar or cream. 

What’s so special about these beans?  They’re peaberry beans which is a form a regular coffee bean can take when only one of the two seeds in the cherry are fertilized.  According to Wikipedia, about 5% of coffee beans turn out in peaberry form. 

The effect of a bag full of peaberry beans is really charming, and it physically demonstrates that all coffee beans are not created equal.  You look at a pile of peaberry beans in a bowl and you would expect that coffee to have a different flavour than the regular beans of the same crop.  I think we’ll bring in a bowl of peaberry beans to our loan presentation – they’ll make a great prop.

This coffee was not only expertly roasted, but it was aged.  Aged coffee, like vintage wine, changes the flavour profile and reduces acidity.  Coffee should be aged in a humid climate so that the beans do not dry out.  We’ll need to do some more research, but I suspect the climate on the Wet Coast would be well suited to aging coffee too. 

We’ll see.



  1. My favorite coffee USED to be something called Tasmanian Peaberry – oh, I loved it, especially with a dollop of Baileys! Alas, I have quit drinking coffee due to internal protestations … sigh.

    And, how did your meeting go?

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