Posted by: Kiersten | February 25, 2010

Overdue Pregnancy

We’re almost through our Business Planning workshop here in Port.  We pretty much have to re-write our business plan from scratch.

Oh I weep for all the time and effort we put into the previous versions…  Actually yesterday we were both literally weeping with acute frustration.  We’re doing much better this afternoon, and I think we’re clearer on what we need to do next.

We’ve been working on our startup for nine months.  We are tired of being business-pregnant.  It’s time for our baby to be born.  We just want to sell coffee!  Oh please would you just let us sell coffee!!

At least our new business plan will be in the standard format expected by these lenders, and maybe we can pull our first lenders back in on the arrangement – they were so enthusiastic about the idea.  Maybe our potential lenders can do some sort of a joint thing. 

Who knows how it’ll all work out?  I’m sure that eventually, it’ll all come together.  Then the real labour begins.


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