Posted by: Kiersten | February 22, 2010

Someone’s crabby!

Well it’s taken me far too long to get around to updating y’all, and I’m sorry to make you wait.  It’s just that I got a little… distracted.

I will out with it:  the meeting was painfully stressful, but we were accepted to the next step.  Most of the people on the board were friendly and curious with honest questions, but one lady seemed bent upon tripping us up.  Maybe she’s the “bad cop” of the board.  She was abrupt and condescending, not at all impressed by our idea.  Fortunately, she’s not the only voting member, and we were passed to the next level. 

At last Friday’s knitting night we talked about our meeting with Ellie, another woman from Toronto who moved here to start a specialty yarn store (and they NEED ONE out here!)  Ellie had the same experience with the same crabby woman on the board – Ellie was asked all sorts of questions on knitting techniques until one question tripped her up.  When she looked it up later it turns out the Madam Crabby was asking her a question about a LOOM.  Weaving has nothing to do with a knitting store.  Why on earth would she know about looms? 

Apparently about 3 in 20 make it past the first cut, so we’re relieved.  We will be back in Port for three days this week attending a business planning seminar, and then next week I start my new job.  Life has come to claim us… but not before one last glorious week of leisure.

That’s what’s kept me away from the computer.  Sunshine.  Warm weather.  It has been absolute paradise this past week.  Warm as a summer day, not a cloud in the sky.  Every meal for the last five days we’ve eaten outside.  We’ve spent days on beaches in front of campfires, watching the tide wash in and recede again, watching the wildlife and the sunsets.  I am convinced that we live in one of the most beautiful places in the whole world, and I am *so* grateful to be here.  We’re so lucky.  We have our health, we have each other.  I have been happier in these past five months of unemployment and uncertainty than I have been for the past five years.

Wednesday and Friday was spent in front of a campfire on Big Beach:


We sat there until sunset:

Twice we met up with our friend Brandy and walked the Wild Pacific Trail.  Whales have started to show up, but I haven’t seen any yet.  In addition to the transient orca pods moving past, people have seen humpbacks breaching while they walked along the coastal trail.  The grey whale parade has reached California, so they should get here any day now!

On our drive back from Port we stopped at Kennedy Lake.  The picture of the lake and mountains at the top of this blog is a view of Kennedy lake as seen in June 2009.  Here’s how it looked last week:


On Saturday we met up with some friends at Wickaninnish beach.  Those black dots in the water are surfers:

I met Barry’s youngest daughter, who was tuckered out in a pile of blankets and blond curls when we arrived.

After a while she woke up and taught me a game called “Stick Tag”.  To play stick tag you find a stick and draw a series of circles on the sand.  Inside these circles you’re “safe” but only for five seconds.  After five seconds you have to RUN to the next circle and the one who’s “it” will try and tap your legs with the stick.  If the stick makes contact, that person is “it”.

This is a game for kids growing up on beaches.  It was fun.


It wouldn’t have worked in North Bay, I think.  Growing up with snow we had toboggans, snow forts (and fights); we played regular tag in summer, and in the winter we skated on a neighbour’s back yard skating rink that had been created by flooding the yard with a garden hose. 

One thing beach games and snow games have in common is: they’re free.  Some of the best forms of entertainment are free.  Out here, the best food is free.

Kathy showed up at my door yesterday with some awesome crab.  She caught it off of her dock – we can see it from our window.  We steamed it this afternoon:


Damn, but I do love crab.



  1. Oh, I am SO envious of your warm weather and early spring. Your pics are making me miss home – this is not good!
    But hey, we’re having above normal temps here, too – we’re all stupidly happy that the daytime average is around zero, lol. Today it reached a balmy two!

    • Oh yes, I remember how just above zero is the loveliest temperature after a long hard freeze. I do miss the smell of melting snow. Sunlight on snow gives the air a certain… flavour. It’s hard to describe to someone who hasn’t experienced it.

      The wet weather is back today. I find I need to wear more layers in the 8 C weather here when it’s damp than I had to wear in the 2 C weather in Ontario. It’s all about the humidity.

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