Posted by: Kiersten | February 15, 2010

Adventures in Gum Boots

Today I bought my first pair of gum boots.  They cost $20.  I haven’t owned a pair of rubber boots since I was a kid.

I stuffed my feet into them and took them to Long Beach for a test drive. 

Those are some narly waves. 

Long Beach is so flat that the waves spread out and flood the beach.  The waves might be breaking thirty feet away and you could still end up with a soaker. 

The surfers were out, bobbing around in the frothy water like chocolate sprinkles on a latte.  As I focused on the surfers, one of the larger breakers flooded the beach and went rushing past my ankles.  Another wave simultaneously slid ashore at a right angle to the first wave, and suddenly the ground around me was a disorienting, swirling, heaving craziness that gave me vertigo.  As the dizziness tugged at my head, I could feel the sand beneath my boots begin to give and wash away with the force of the water.

For a moment, I was sure I was going to fall.  But then I looked up, found the horizon and just concentrated on standing, knees bent, like I was learning to ski.  I managed to stay upright, the waves receded, and I found myself ankle-deep in the beach.  My inner five-year-old kicked in and I simply pulled my leg straight up – and left my boot with the sock stuck in the ground – at which point I almost fell again. 

But I held it together.

Sometimes life is just holding it together – standing upright when the ground is chaos and about to cave under you.  Just hang on, get your bearings, stay grounded.

Kat & I spent most of the day preparing for our presentation to Community Futures this Thursday.  This presentation will be the second of several hurdles we need to hop before getting funding through them.   I am most comfortable when I’m prepared, when I know what to expect… but we’ve never done this before.  We don’t know what to expect, so it’s difficult to know if we’re prepared.

We’ll just hold it together and try our best not to fall flat on our butts.



  1. Your readership is dying to know – how did Thursday go with Community Futures!?!

    Stop torturing us – do tell, do tell!

    Have been thinking of you, checking the blog a lot. 🙂



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