Posted by: Kiersten | February 14, 2010

Making Waves

We got a lot of rain in the past three days.  I’m talkin’ needing rain pants to get from the car to the house.  So wet that the dogs headed out for a walk, then got to the end of the drive way and turned back.  So wet that there is MOSS growing on our car! 

This morning we woke up to sunshine, glorious sunlight!  We didn’t even brew coffee, we just threw on clothes and headed outside. 

We went to Cynamoka for a coffee and muffin, and then went to Big Beach to watch the waves.  The ocean was still rolling with the force of the three-day storm:

Twenty-foot high waves.

When you’re watching surf that huge, you can’t help but imagine what would happen to you if you were caught in those waves.  I could almost feel my bones crunching.

Waves so fierce, seasoned surfers left their boards in their trucks and sat on the beach to watch the sea churn.

Remember this little bay from our walk last week?

Here is what it looked like today:

The driftwood logs spun around like matches in a toilet bowl. 

The sunny day stretched on, and we walked about 5 km, most of it along the Wild Pacific Trail.  We met our friend & dog walker Brandy who graciously pointed out a few footpaths off of the main trail and told us where they went, which spots were best for whale watching, which beaches the tourists usually don’t find.  We’re so sad to hear that she’s moving to Nanaimo for work and school!  We’ve been here only four months and already we’re losing a friend.  She’ll be back though, her heart belongs to Ukee.

We stopped at Image West Gifts, our soon-to-be-new-home, and had a chat with Barry.  Barry sent us up the road to “Oyster Jim’s” sculpture unveiling:

Beautiful arches and hearts.  I can just see them in a garden.  At this point it was mid-afternoon and we were starving, having had only coffee and a muffin between us to fuel our long walk.  I didn’t stay to chat with Jim about his creations, or his oysters.  Barry tells me he’s the driving force behind the Wild Pacific Trail.  We’ll have to go back.  His work reminds me of the impression I got of driftwood as scattered bones of giant sea creatures.

Speaking of sea creatures, the California sea lions are overjoyed with the weather.  They’ve been horsing around ALL DAY, honking and squirting water at each other.  Here they are, the rowdy floating gang slapping the water with their flippers:

And of course, here’s the bald eagle on her tree when we came home:

Ahhh sunshine.  Nothing better.


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