Posted by: Kiersten | February 8, 2010

A Pacific Walkabout

Would you like to come on a walk with us?

Hop in the car!

We’ll go to the Wild Pacific Trail.

Watch out for cougars:

Sorry Snack – er, I mean Bonus – you have to stay on the leash.

Look, here’s Brown’s Bay:

Hey, I found the path to Fletcher’s Cove!  It’s a muddy foot path that winds through the bush and brings you here:

Fletcher’s Cove feels like a hidden paradise.  It’s not hard to get to, but the path is easy to miss if you don’t already know where it is.

Guess who else loves Fletcher’s Cove?  The Stellar sea lions!  My favourites! 

They were too far away for me to hear, but we could see them all hanging out, enjoying the warm day. 

Low tide reveals a field of mussels, sparkling blue in the shy sunlight:

I don’t know enough about the shellfish in the area yet to know how to cook them, or even if these particular mussels are safe to eat.  I’ll check with my neighbours on that one.

We found one rock that had been scraped clean of mature mussels, and teeny tiny baby mussels, the size of your fingernail, were sprouting out from the cracks in the barnacled rock:

We found some green, squishy, deflated looking sea creatures.  I think they’re anemones. 

Oh stop that giggling! 

The fine beach sand was smooth and unblemished.  The water run off painted fractal patterns in as it ran into the sea:

When we returned home, a great blue heron was perched on top of the eagle’s tree, calling his rough, low gargle:

Well.  That was a lovely walk!

More pictures in the Daily Deer



  1. Wow! What an amazing, wild place. I can see why you enjoy living there.

    I wandered over to your blog after reading a comment you posted at Cold Antler Farm. Your comment resonated with me, so I spent some time reading your older posts. Good luck with your business venture, and your job hunting. And, thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Shannon!

      I love Cold Antler Farm – hers is the only blog that I *have to* check every day. I don’t know how Jenna finds the time to post an entry every day with her job AND the farm. She’s amazing.

  2. Oh boy, do those pics make me homesick. The coast is so beautiful and full of life.

    The PEI coast line is rather like Mars. Red and lifeless. Seriously! No tidal pools teeming with life, no flotsam and jetsam on the shore, nada. A few clam shells and that’s about it.

    It’s still pretty in its own way, but not much to look at!

  3. Wow! Thanks for the walk.

    Would love to see some of those places in person.

  4. Just found your blog – lovely. I envy your coastal hiking – we have mountain hiking here – trees and creeks, but no sand…

  5. Absolutely Beautiful!! Thanks! I almost feel like I went on vacation!!

  6. Yes – anemone. It’s digesting at that moment. when they turn themselves inside out that’s how they’re collecting their food.

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