Posted by: Kiersten | January 29, 2010

Disembodied sea lion heads!

After reviewing the pictures I attempted yesterday of the return of the bald eagle juveniles, I must sadly confess that none of them turned out.  Those guys are fast!  I did succeed in pulling off a shot of a california sea lion when he surfaced with fish, and noshed on his catch while the gulls circled above:

A few minutes later, the fishing boat “The Royal Viking” disembarked from the fish processing plant and chugged back out to sea.  You can see one deck hand preparing to fling the boat’s nets back into the water.  I was surprised to see they cast their nets out while they’re still in the inlet.  The Viking was tailed by a half-dozen sea lions who no doubt would try to rob the vessel of part of its catch.

Back at the Co-Op this ad made me chuckle:

 I remember reading a similar bulletin in the laundry room of my old apartment building back in Toronto.  The tone of that note was decidedly different, beginning with “To the Rat Bastard who stole my cell phone!”  Ukee people never deign to assume they were maliciously robbed, and instead give the “finder” every benefit of the doubt.  It makes me wish I’d found this sweater just so I could have the pleasure (not to mention the good karma) of returning it to her.

We finally cooked the gorgeous wild pacific chinook salmon that Barry (of Image West Gifts) gave to us before Christmas.  We followed his suggestion and smothered it with pesto, then sealed it in a foil envelope and baked it to fragrant, melting, pink perfection:

It was better than we could have imagined.  Tempted by my yummy noises and the superior quality of the local seafood, Kat has slowly re-introduced fish into her vegetarian diet.  This hunk of salmon fed us both for three meals.  So very delicious – thank you Barry!

Last night while knitting at Cynamoka, Donna brought out some spicy squid for her supper and offered me a piece.  I’d never had squid before – it was firm and smooth but not rubbery, mild in flavour, with a springy texture.  It was fantastic.  I just love seafood.  I won’t be able to eat it anywhere else once I’ve become used to food this fresh.

Jess, one of the owners of the B & B we’re staying at this winter, returned from her two month-long sabbatical in Mexico.  She looks tanned and relaxed.  I cooked up a batch of brownies from a new recipe I’m working on and brought one down to her, and a few down to our basement apartment neighbours, Chris & Rhianna.  Everyone seemed to enjoy them, so I think that recipe’s almost right.

We had an especially colourful sunset tonight and enjoyed this view from our back deck:

With some luck, I’ll be employed again by the end of next week.  My interview’s on Wednesday – think good thoughts for me!


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