Posted by: Kiersten | January 25, 2010

What’s in the news?

Reading Toronto news cheers me up.  It’s like watching the chaotic train wreck of a reality TV show and feeling better about your own life.

For example, the Toronto Police are now investigating the third murder of the year.  It’s weird to just start the body count from zero every new year.  Why do they do that?  Is it so they can say 2010 has been murder-free for however many days?  

How many murders were there in 2009?  How many overall in this decade?  Isn’t starting the count from zero every year kinda cooking the books?  I mean, you don’t look at your credit card bill on January 1st and say you have zero debt, even though you maxed it out during the holidays.

Kat says “It creates a competitive environment – everyone just wants to get the first murder in right after midnight!”  And Toronto never gets to stay murder-free for long. 

“Toronto’s been murder-free since 2010 – oh, oh no.   Well, just the one murder in 2010 – oh wait, there’s another one.”

I read the weather reports back in Ontario too.  Sure it’s rainy out here, but it’s nice, the air is fresh, and as writer and Tofino local Jacqueline Windh illustrates, the flowers just love it here:


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