Posted by: Kiersten | January 1, 2010

A Shiny New Year

I just could not take a bad picture today.  There are too many astonishing views to post in one entry; if you like pretty scenery please check out the Daily Deer for today’s photos:  The Daily Deer

We spent the last hours of 2009 with Donna at Cynamoka, fiddling with fleece, picking, knitting, spinning and being at one with the sheep.  I really missed our Craft night last week when we skipped it for Christmas Eve.  More people are talking about joining us now that the holidays are behind us, and I’m looking forward to getting to know the other crafty people. 

There wasn’t a centralized Ukee New Year’s celebration, and we spent the evening at home, all together.  At midnight one of our neighbours set off some firecrackers which gave Mocha the shakes.  She spent the rest of the night pressed up to my side of the futon. 

Today, the first day of a brand new decade, Kat and I took the dogs to the Wild Pacific Trail.  We knew we were in for a show before we reached Peninsula Road; we could hear the ocean roaring six blocks away. 

It was a very warm day.  The sky seemed to be fighting with itself, now stormy, now misty, now overcast, now sunshine ripping through the clouds, back-lighting the storm, highlighting the mist – it was just jaw dropping.  Awesome.  Awesome.

We picked up a trail to Terrace Beach.  When we got to the pebbly sand we stood and watched the waves roll in:

The surf massaged the beach stones.  You could hear the sucking sound combined with a sound like tearing paper as the waves pushed the beach pebbles forward and then pulled them back into the sea as each wave receded.  Sometimes the waves would wash into shore from two or more directions.  The white caps would break into each other and cover the beach with swirling whirlpools.

Kat took the dogs while I walked down the beach, I ended up taking shot after shot of the rapidly changing sky:

A twisted piece of cedar root stands like a sculpture: 

The cloud cover fractures and sunlight shines through.  The mist glows in the light:

Further up the Wild Pacific Trail, we look out on the open Pacific.  The sky twists in on itself.  The waves build, crest and crash into the rock.  At times the spray blots out the horizon:


The view overlooking Terrace Beach.  We watched the waves build, join and rush onto shore:

We stopped by Little Beach on the way home and discovered the whole shoreline covered with thick sea foam:  It was piled as high as our knees and shivered in the wind like jello:

It was filthy, but fun to shuffle around in.  The stuff stuck to our jeans and boots.  Soon we had foamy bell bottoms.  Mocha charged right through it.  The foam stuck to her legs like little poodle pom-poms.

The sun began to set and the wind picked up.  The sea foam rolled on the shore and the clouds boiled in the sky:

Time to go home.

Happy New Year, everybody.


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