Posted by: Kiersten | December 30, 2009

In search of clarity…

Woke up to a beautiful sunrise on Monday:

Went down to Big Beach.  The waves rumbled like a sleeping lion:

The clouds rolled and slid across the icy sky, sunlight sliced through the thinning cover:

At Little Beach, the hidden underwater world lay exposed in the dappled light:

Bonus joined a game of kick-bottle.  He just loves kids.  I think he likes to see people that are closer to his size.

The Pacific was calmer in the sheltered cove.  The water slid over the roughly barnacled rock like a silk sheet:

Mocha places herself in the shot:

This morning, we managed to arrive at Little Beach during the highest tide I’ve seen so far.  The beach was inaccessible.  The waves pounded the driftwood, rolling it around like bath tub toys:

We went to the athletic field instead and played a rousing game of fetch.  The not-yet-two-year-old Bonus is tired out after 20 minutes of running, but ten-year-old Mocha is ready for more:

Back at home, it’s time for snuggles:

Bonus tries to stealth-snuggle Sunshine.  She’d hiss at him if wasn’t already in nap mode.

We’ve had more beautiful weather.  We woke up to fog this morning and I’ve been biking around in the mist.  I feel thoroughly hydrated.  My skin looks like I’ve spent the day at a spa.

I’ve spent the day at Cynamoka fiddling with the business plan to incorporate the changes that have evolved in the financial statements.  I need a “eureka moment” with these things… I feel like we’re missing something important in the plan or in our options.  I feel like we need a moment of clarity, a renewed focus, something unifying.  We need to get creative again.



  1. Who would buy such a beautiful morning?
    love your work, love the animals.

    • Hey! Pee and Sympathy guy! I really enjoy your blog. I still think of “Lettie Go.”

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