Posted by: Kiersten | December 25, 2009

Shout out to the Ukee Locals!

Well, the word is out.  I was chatting with my neighbour John this morning and he said “Hey, I hear you guys have a blog!”

My jaw fell open for a second before I recovered and exclaimed “Why yes, we do!  How did you hear about it?”

“Oh one of the B&Bs here has a blog, and they found you online.  Then they passed it on to Barry when they saw you mentioned him.”

I laughed.  It’s wonderful – word travels so quickly!

Speaking of Barry, he stopped by this morning with the glorious gift of Wild Pacific SALMON!  My favourite fish!  I am just to delighted, Thank You Barry!  We were going to cook it up tonight, but we decided to wait until New Years so we can look forward to it for a little while.  Barry recommends baking it with a drizzle of pesto, and my Dad says we should have some nice, fresh garlic bread to go along with it.  Yum!

Kat & I want to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone in Ucluelet who has offered us kindness, advice and welcome to this wonderful community.  We feel so lucky to be here and we’re very grateful.

Merry Christmas Uclulet – Keep Being Awesome!!



  1. Hi neighbour – Sounds like you two are loving Ukee life…as are we. We moved here September 2008, after years of visits to the area. There is so much to discover still…like yesterday I went to South Beach…(south of Wick)…to an amazing place to watch the waves crash and beachcomb. Wait till spring when the eagles return to the tree just above your place…and dive bomb the sea lions trying to steal their fish. Twice last year we had orcas in the harbour. There’s a short video of it, at We’ll see you around!
    Cheers! John

    • Thanks John! We’re lucky to have such great neighbours as you and Kathy. I did see that video – I’ll post it on the blog in the next entry. The eagles steal fish from the sea lions??? That is HILARIOUS!

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