Posted by: Kiersten | December 21, 2009

The Dogs of the Coast

I remember when we visited Ucluelet in June, that most of the dogs were big, hairy and smelly.  Not stinky, just strongly smelling of dog.

Well now my dogs smell the same way – even Bonus.  Why?

  1. They get wet at least once a day, either with rain, puddles or tide pools
  2. They find something dead, either vegetable or animal in origin, to roll upon at least once a week.
  3. There is no point in bathing them because they will get just as dirty again tomorrow.

Mocha has found a game she likes to play with Bonus.  She hates it when he chases her because he’s so much faster than her and he’s such a pest – he’ll try running under her, he’ll bump into her and generally get in her way.  So when she wants to get rid of him for a bit, she’ll “play bow” to get him excited, and get him chasing her down the beach – then she’ll run him into an oncoming wave.

The wave is no problem for Mocha – she’s 60lbs and sturdy – but it’ll completely wash over Bonus utterly soak him.  He also *hates* being wet.  He’ll daintily avoid the waves when we’d paying attention, he’ll even skirt around puddles and high-step over mud.  When he gets run into a wave he’s not only completely sopping, but he’s saturated in beach sand.  He’ll pick himself up off the beach, shake off and come trotting over to me with his head low. 

Mocha totally ruined his fun – and on top of that, he knows he’s going to get rinsed off in the sink when we get home. 

But a rinse is all either of them get these days, since tomorrow they’ll be rolling in heavens-knows-what.

Here’s a little ditty I wrote for Mocha back in the big T.O.

Woah little Mocha – What did you roll in?

Your fur is all matted, your smell is quite foul.

Bloody hell Mocha, what did you roll in?

I never will make it to work on time now!


How did you concoct that unholy scent?

Corpse of squirrel and raccoon and skunk?

Your ghastly redolence is my detriment — I may never wash out that funk!


Oh little Mocha, what did you roll in?

My eyes are now teary, my bile’s on the rise!

It’s not worth the risk of regular breathing,

That horrid aroma will mean my demise!



  1. Hello, just found your blog and enjoying it. Is your white dog a Tibetan Terrier?

    • Bonus is a cross between a toy poodle and a papillion. He certainly has the energy of a terrier though, but he’s about 9 lbs which is less than half the size of a tibetan terrier.

      I’m happy you’re enjoying the blog 🙂

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