Posted by: Kiersten | December 16, 2009


It was a good day today.  I dealt with a few things that have been hanging over my head.

A major pain in the neck has been transferring my private pension funds out of Ontario and into BC.  Apparently these funds are locked-in because of the product my former employer choose.  The information I was given last summer was wrong, wrong, wrong.  There’s nothing I can do to access these funds before I’m 70.  All I can do is keep track of them and invest them wisely.  At least they will bump up my net worth on paper for the next 40 years.  At least I can get the funds into the hands of an institution that is legally required by the province of B.C. to replace all clients’ funds in the event they pull a Merrill Lynch. 

I heard about another position available in Tofino that I’m eminently qualified for, I’m applying for that position tomorrow.  Between this second position and the potential part-time position at the hospital, I’m feeling confident that I’ll be able to come up with the small stable income necessary for our revised business plan.  After getting turned down for the full amount we applied for, we revised the plan by outsourcing some of the work I was going to do which freed me up to pursue part-time employment.  For this part of the plan to work I will actually have to pull off getting a job – so keep your fingers crossed for us.

Another major pain about relocating out-of-province is having our drivers licenses transferred to B.C.  We’ve been trying to do this for a month.  The first time, we stood and chatted with a man for 30 minutes, watching him key our information into a computer system only to be told the person who actually does the drivers licenses is off until the following week.  When we returned, she didn’t have any of the preliminary work which was done by the first fellow, so after another 30 minutes of standing around she tells me that the issue date on my license is less than two years ago, which means I have to get in contact with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and have them send me a letter stating I’ve had my G License for more than two years.  If I hadn’t gotten my address changed on my driver’s license the last time I moved, it wouldn’t have been a problem.  Kat just had her license renewed, so she has to get one of these letters from Ontario too.  Oh and of course this isn’t free – each letter is $12, and our B.C. licenses will be $32 each. 

I’ve had enough experience with government organizations to mistrust every bit of information the first person tells me, and sure enough, after calling the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, we found out that we’d been given the incorrect form to submit.  It’s a good thing I checked since this whole license transfer business is time-sensitive.  I need a B.C. license before I can get auto insurance and buy a car – and if I get either of these jobs in Tofino I’ll need a car immediately.  At least we made a bit of progress today by faxing in the (correct) request for the confirmation letters.

Kat was approved and admitted to the Self Employment program and we’re so happy about that!  It was crappy back in August when Kat was laid off, since we were counting on her income to help pay our moving expenses, but it’s turned out to be a blessing in disguise since Kat now qualifies for a programs and funding that will help us get the business off the ground.

She will have to take some government courses in Port Alberni with cringe-worthy titles like “So you want to be an Entrepreneur?” and “Negotiating your Future in Challenging Times” but that’s the price of admission into the program.  The optional courses that they offer actually look more relevant and cover book-keeping, financial statements and business plans.  It would be nice if I could take some of these courses with her, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed in (since I’m not in the SE program) or will be free, depending on which jobs I can get.

I was surprised by a deer at the side of the road today:

The deer here are so bold.  The white-tailed deer back in Ontario are so shy, freezing at the sight of you and then bounding away or vanishing into the bush at the first hint of movement from you.  Ukee deer barely bother to look up – people are just a distraction from yummy garden grazing.


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