Posted by: Kiersten | December 15, 2009


We heard from Cheryl of the friendly lenders today!  She had many more questions, which is fine and dandy.  It turned out she’d been away from the office last week so she hadn’t gotten a chance to look at our revisions until today. 

I don’t care about the delay – I’m just so relieved we’re still in the game!  Waiting for someone else to call SUCKS.


In other Ukee News:  I saw an ad on the bulletin board today that read:

Lost Laptop

While I was away last month my laptop was taken from my house.  If you have borrowed my laptop I’m back in town and I need it back.  It is an ACER.  Anyone with any information on who has my laptop, please call: 726—–



It’s safe to assume that she left her apartment unlocked for the month or so she was away, and most of the town knew she was gone.  Maybe someone stole her laptop, maybe they borrowed it and forgot to return it.  Even if it’s stolen someone will know who took it.  Heck, I’ve been here a month and I know of a couple of people who are away for two months.  They left their house unlocked. 

Gotta love small towns.



  1. I was telling this story to a person yesterday! They couldn’t believe there was a place where someone would leave for weeks without locking – AND that stuff would be “borrowed” —and— returned!

    Thinking ofyou and keeping my fingers and toes crossed. xx


    • I find it funny. No one locks up their bikes, and if they do everyone uses the same combination, or the last four digits of their phone number. It reminds me of that episode of “northern exposure” where this new york doctor moves to this remote town in alaska. He locks himself out of his cabin and asks for help to break into his place, when the neighbour pulls out a key and unlocks his door.
      “How do you have a copy of my key?”
      “Oh it’s not your key, it’s THE key. Everyone has the same key.”

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