Posted by: Kiersten | December 6, 2009

The Tides of Life

Beach combing has replaced my daily game of tennis ball fetch with the dogs.   Every day, we go down to the beach to see what the tides brought in overnight.  The tide seems to have theme nights.  You might not see a scallop shell for a week and then one day, the beach is covered with them.  Big Beach recently received a huge dump of driftwood:


Hundreds of Prussian blue mussel shells appeared in the tide pools, glinting in the sunlight:


 Well pups, would you like to move on?


 It’s a nice day – let’s see what the tide brought in to Little Beach.


 Little Beach received a massive tide shipment of clams.  White shards of thousands of clam shells were scattered like confetti across the black sand of the beach. 


A large barnacled clam sat among the sea weed waiting for this evening’s tide to bring it back home:


The best find of all – dozens of mysterious moon snail shells:


The moon snails are responsible for all those perfectly round holes in the clam shells on the beach – they use their toothed tongue to drill right through the shell.  I hadn’t seen many moon snail shells on the beach before.  We just had a full moon, so perhaps that has something to do with the shell’s appearance on the beach.  Maybe the especially high and low tides that happen during the full moon swept the shells ashore.

What can I say about the sunset?  It’s always lovely.



  1. Beautiful photos!

    Winter is officially here in the big O. We’ve got the first dusting of snow that is staying on the ground. Athena was jumping and flying around (in a labradorish fashion) at the end of her leash the whole walk in celebration.

    With all the raquet in the news about the going ons in TO, I bet you’re especially glad you’re on the West coast!

    Thinking of you, keeping my fingers crossed, g-luck with the next step…



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