Posted by: Kiersten | November 14, 2009

You don’t see that in Toronto.

Twice a day or so, I find myself saying “You would not see that in Toronto.”  You wouldn’t see the cars stop in the middle of the road and wave pedestrians across.  You wouldn’t see “Tsunami Hazard Zone” signs in Toronto.

You wouldn’t see deer every day.  There’s a family of black tailed deer, a buck, a doe and a yearling fawn, who live in the area of our apartment.  We first saw the fawn eating a Halloween pumpkin on the porch of the house across from ours.  Here he is:


Here is a great blue heron, watching the surf:


Here is the pair of bald eagles as seen though our kitchen window:


We found a pilfered Dangerous Waves sign in our friends’ garage:


I just love the little stick guy running in horror from the logs getting tossed towards him.

In lieu of actual crossing guards, the school puts out plywood cut-outs on the highway beside the schools to remind motorists to slow down:


The local surfer culture shows in it’s vehicles:


There is a big yellow VW bus with a flip-the-bird-finger air freshener hanging from the rearview mirror, and a red pickup truck with an “unfknblvabl” bumper sticker.  Pretty much every car in the region has a “Respect Our Beach!” and “I Love Ukee!” bumper stickers.

The radio station has a wildlife report every morning to let you know about unusual animals in the area.  This morning we were informed that a 16 year old female orca named “Polaris” gave birth yesterday to a new calf – how cool is that?  In Toronto I would have started the day hearing about who in the city had been shot the night before.

The radio also broadcasts the daily “tide report” in the breathy, Marilyn Monroe voice of “Suzie from the Co-Op.”  (The Co-Op is the local chain of groceries-and-more stores, kind of like Wal-Mart but owned by the customers and not evil.  I assume that Suzie works at the Co-Op in Ukee or in Tofino.)  I’ve found that I actually need to listen to the tide report because I walk the dogs on the beach, and it matters if the tide is 9 feet or 11 feet when I head over there.

Meet Gordie.



Gordie currently resides on the wall above our kitchen sink.  Gordie was shot in 1964.  He was displayed on the wall in the local pub by the pool tables for almost 40 years.  People hung the triangle off of his left ear for years until it finally fell off.  When our landlords built the apartment over their garage, they felt the area over the sink lacked a certain… something.  So they liberated Gordie from his longtime home in the local pub and transplanted to their B & B.  Now Kat & I are living in a place where there is a deer head on the wall.  That wouldn’t happen in Toronto.



  1. Every time I read your blog I go all teary-eyed. But of course I go teary-eyed whenever I see mountains and big skies and bald eagles and deer, too. I’m sooo happy for you guys! Keep writing 🙂 – nushka

    • Nushka, can you come and visit us sometime?

      I know exactly how you feel… I used to cry every time I had to go back to Toronto after a camping trip. People like us should not have to live in cities.

  2. Welcome home, indeed! I’m so happy that you’ve found such a great place to live and that you have taken the risks required to get there. Thanks so much for sharing the adventure with us homebodies! Best wishes to you all! AND if we ever make it up to Vancouver Island, you can be sure that we’ll be in touch to come visit!

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